I have been writing what I call poetry for 45 years. This web page happened and I thought I might put it out there. Since I'm an engineer dealing with logic and reality, that's pretty much what you will find here, but not all. I'm very happy here in the Villages with Lois, my lovely wife, and living close to my family. I play golf 3 times a week (when its not freezing). We love the music that's available here. From bluegrass, rock and roll, jazz trios to opera. This past month we have seen America, the band, Orion jazz trio plus one, operatic Fernando Varela of Americas got talent of Forte fame, a band of brothers doing the Blues Bros. I might even start writing again if I find time.
I take pictures and then write a poem for them. Also I write poems and look for pictures to illustrate them.
I am a retired design engineer, having developed mechanisms and controls; from clothes dryer valves and valves for furnaces and water heaters, to high voltage and high current switches and controls for the electric utility industry. I have 9 US Patents and several foreign patents. It was a very interesting career and I seldom did the same thing twice.
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