Kept close within your heart there is a face
A character so feminine, so strong
The one who lived the values you embrace
Her train the tracks you use to move along

Reserved as well within this section where
You hold the inspiration you have had
No other one is honored and as dear
Than he who's been your friend, your guide, your Dad

And Truth you planted as your shining star
Grew Love; kept space for Mom and artist, too
Encoded just how elegant you are
Now owning what so perfectly is you

Engraved have I these facets of your name
Lest ever you forget from where it came.


Spring 2016

My daughter, Kathy was ready to let go of her former married name so she created this one of a kind name from her life experience, and derived so very cleverly—TAGENEL.

The letters in her new name are an anagram of the word ELEGANT, enough said there.

TAG is for her fictional heroine, Dagny Taggart of "Atlas Shrugged", who ran Taggart Transcontinental Railroad.

GENE is for me. :-)

L is for Love and for her Mother's middle name, Louise and for mine, Leo and for her Stepmother Lois.

A very elegant and special name for a very special and elegant woman.

My thanks to Joe Kessler for creating this marvelous poem. He is a wonderful friend of Kathy's. I did not know the details until I read Joe's sonnet. I was very touched.