We arrived by plane and by car
for the IOS summer seminar,
in Boulder.

We celebrated the fourth of July
with glorious fireworks that filled the sky
in Boulder.

We ate college food and lived in dorms
some even met the local gendarmes
in Boulder.

In the commons we would congregate,
to talk, to drink, to dance, and debate,
in Boulder.

We rode to lectures on CU buses,
a small minus in a week of pluses,
in Boulder.

The lectures were so awe inspiring,
while those in Eng. 265 were perspiring,
in Boulder.

The speakers were brilliant as could be,
I couldn't believe they were talking to me,
in Boulder.

There were Hick's groupies, Smith's histories,
and Madeline Cosman's civilities,
Enright and Moses and Ross and Kelley
Singh, Landman and Susan McClosky
Hospers, Newberry and Warshak,
Wagoner, Mayer and Davis and Low,
Thomas, Poole and Bob Bindinotto
in Boulder.

We were entertained by "In Performance"
with poetry, story, music, and dance,
in Boulder.

We dined and danced and had a great time,
our week was over and so is this rhyme,
no longer
in Boulder.