The cold darkness lays quietly on the land
this mid-winter's eve, with the warmth
now fled indoors.

Stars transmit uninterruptedly
their long sent light that is but
a transparent backdrop to winter's stage

Snow marches crunchingly underfoot
since the snowflakes lay at rest
under their milky blanket in the moonlight.

The crisp crackling air is vying for attention
as it steals into each uncovered place
announcing its presence with a frosty nip.

Winter's trees take on even more
that stark, gaunt and lonely look
with the snow a brilliant white canvas
to accentuate their surrealistic nakedness.

How wondrously the sharpness of the night
is calmed and mellowed by the snowy spread
the way cream gentles a biting cup of coffee.

Which, by the way, is a most fitting conclusion
to a walk through a cold winter's night.